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We work with all major insurance companies.

After your accident, it is likely that your insurance company will attempt to steer you towards specific auto body repair shops.  Insurance companies cannot legally determine which shop you use, nor can they specify this in the claim or policy itself.  As the insured party, you have the freedom to choose where you place your business, whether it be based on the shop’s experience, customer reviews, or how seamless the shop is to work with.    

At Rachel’s Collision, we take extra measures to ensure that your claims process runs smoothly. 

Our Insurance Concierge will guide you through your claim and work directly with your insurance provider, all while keeping you informed and comfortable.  Let us remove the ambiguity from the insurance process, as we have decades of experience in handling your claim. If you choose to work outside of your insurance, we can help as well.

Insurance Concierge: About
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